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Since many companies have started adjusting their own companies to be more Digital Native, our company is one of those companies by transforming the branch expansion of work from the original to the Cloud Native model. We choose AWS as a component in the operation because AWS is flexible in use, and various technologies, including a community, are constantly supported.

It is allowing our company to fully grow as a system integrator & software house company, where Dakok has the opportunity to participate in many projects based on e-Commerce, Software, FinTech, InsureTech, Gaming, Manufacturing, and many other businesses. Each business has a surprising need to use its Cloud Computing surprisingly, and with Use Cases from works, we have the opportunity to help.

Use Case 1

The impact of the Covid-19 event is one of the reasons why employees in many organizations today start working more and more Work From Home, which the original system of the organization did not design to support a large number of users, unable to support increased usage, including the lack of a backup site system (DR-Site), resulted in the organization to start looking for ways to expand the existing system and designing the company's internal systems to be flexible and has better availability. Therefore, we have had the opportunity to jointly develop solutions and implementations of DR-Site systems for organizations and bring the current systems to use on AWS due to their ease of use and low cost.

Figure from

From the illustration diagram, it can be seen that using Backup & Restore or Pilot Light, the cost is meager. The preliminary step is to bring the original data of the existing system to replicate the data on AWS via a Site-to-Site VPN connection. When there is a need to use the DR-Site system, it can be switched the usage or Online Server on AWS to support increasing usage only, which can be set through DNS or Load Balancer by yourself.

All systems can be connected without problems, helping solve the organization’s issues. The cost is meager because there is no need to spend money buying a new server to support unpredictable usage that will increase or decrease. Most importantly, do not waste Set-up time or have to find Co-location to place new servers.

Use case II

Backup & Restore or Pilot Light can be done on AWS quickly, but if a company or business has a highly critical application, is there any solution to help meet this problem? If the system cannot allow Downtime at all, which leads to a solution called Multi-site active/active, the concept is similar to that of a DR site, but it is a DR site that is permanently active.

The company in this use case is a business related to securities (Stock Trading). In this type of business, it can be seen that the information that flows in and out, including the User who will come in, can be complicated to determine. Whether it is an IPO stock (the first day the stock is sold) or dates with different promotions for more users to enter the system, the securities business cannot accept system failure because data every second has to be recorded and used all the time. This system, therefore, has a very high criticality. Some of the applications are services in the network or many other locations, but that is still not a hindrance to expanding the system on AWS because we have a solution that solves these problems, which is to connect the system. On-premise with the cloud system. In this case, we use a transit gateway and connect Site-to-Site VPN to the destination firewall. Then, the workload on AWS is mainly deployed on AWS. Compute services such as Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) and MSK (Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka) on AWS can help manage the computing and queuing of massive data from stocks.

For EKS, we have containers set up to be installed on the Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) server because EC2 can do auto scaling can make the system create a server to support the new workload at any time, including being able to Scale Down when not in use as needed.

It can be seen that even with more demand, AWS can still support its use in which companies or entrepreneurs do not have to reserve large equipment to support more applications, including reducing the problem of installing and maintaining software as well as services in this case, such as Container Scale Up/Down, help meet the needs of new applications. And help care for the system very well, no matter how high the critical approach is.

From where Dakok has tried to use Having created a system for many businesses and entrepreneurs, you will see that Cloud Computing can meet the needs of many companies and is easy to use, including having a team to provide advice and coordination from a professional team like SiS Distribution Thailand is here too. This helps our group, which is a partner, to work more efficiently.

If you want to consult more about different systems, whether it's Cloud Computing, Consulting, or Invoice, including privileges, you can contact SiS Distribution Thailand PLC, the first and only Distributor in Thailand officially of AWS can help facilitate billing, payment, receipt in Thai baht, which can be used for tax benefits. You can follow more AWS news via the contact channel SiS Distribution Thailand as follows:

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